Scale Banking Interfaces With No Limits

In current portfolio management solutions the task to add a new custodian bank is tedious and costly. With ONE PM you connect to over 10’000 custodian banks at no additional cost. This portfolio management solution for asset managers and family offices is the first with fully managed SWIFT service: ONE PM is the first certified L2BA SWIFT partner and is also a certified application for reconciliation. Your advantages include

  • shadow accountancy for an unlimited amount of bank relations
  • real-time accounting
  • automated processing of booking orders
  • quick adding of new financial institutions

Find out what SWIFT can do for asset managers

This Is How SWIFT Works

Request and obtain your own SWIFT address (BIC) and directly connect to all major financial institutions worldwide. Once a custodian is connected, the relevant portfolios with the institution are linked to a set of standard SWIFT Messages. These messages contain all the relevant information to account the portfolios in real-time within the ONE PM platform.

Help Us To Standardize How Bank Interfacing Is Done

As soon as all participants who need to interface with custodian banks speak the same language, cost for interfacing will fall substantially, quality of data will improve and coverage will increase as banks only need to focus on the interface they have been using for years in interbank communication. SWIFT Communication is standardized and covers all aspects of your daily business activities. These benefits impact your business directly in cost savings and making more informed decisions due to better quality and depth of data.

SWIFT is a company of innovation: imagine what we can create if we were to unify behind a single interface. We at ONE PM want to help you doing SWIFT communication as simple as possible but it is up to every single institution to join and realize these gains.

Read more about ONE PM as SWIFT’s world-first partner for PM solutions

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ONE PMs pricing model is as simple as it can get: Application, storage, back office and custodian interfaces, all inclusive.
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