INVESTAS AG moves into the future with ONE PM AG

Cooperation between INVESTAS and ONE PM AG

We are pleased to announce that ONE PM’s customer base has increased with the addition of the renowned INVESTAS AG ( – one of the larger asset managers based out of Switzerland. INVESTAS AG has decided to work together with ONE PM AG, after successful completion of the onboarding process.

“There is currently hardly a better provider than ONE PM in terms of implementation competence and simplicity and clarity of structure. ”

Marco Fumasoli, CIO at v.FISCHER INVESTAS AG.

The signing of INVESTAS AG was preceded by a competitive selection process, as well as, an intensive testing phase focusing on scalability and security. One PM AG stood out from its competitors by providing a scalable consolidation and reporting platform which provides unique possibilities for dynamic reporting, analysis, and investment recommendations. These unique factors, in addition to a high security standard for data exchange and storage, proved to be the decisive factors in the selection of One PM AG as a service provider for INVESTAS AG.

Mr. Marco Fumasoli – who is responsible for Asset Management and is member of the Executive Board at INVESTAS AG, has the following to share regarding the service rendered by One PM AG:

“There is currently hardly a better provider than ONE PM in terms of implementation competence, simplicity, and clarity of structure. And absolutely affordable in terms of pricing!”

One of the leading factors contributing to One PM’s scalability of solutions is the use of the SWIFT network. SWIFT has a proven track record in the exchange of information between Asset Managers and Banks and is beginning to assert itself as a market leader by providing an efficient and scalable solution to information exchange.

As part of the onboarding project with INVESTAS AG, six bank connections were set up using the SWIFT network. A new method for risk profiling according to the new guidelines that includes risk scoring (incl. report & printout) was developed in collaboration between One PM AG and INVESTAS AG. The risk profiling method is adapted to customer needs, along with targeted documentation of customer history. This customisation and implementation of features was completed in a short amount of time, which was made possible because of the agile development approach employed at One PM AG.

We, at One PM are very pleased with, and greatly value the steadily increasing trust that established companies are showing in the methods and technologies that we have employed to fulfill our customers’ needs. The courage shown by market leaders such as INVESTAS AG of taking this important first step with One PM AG is a fundamental prerequisite to the digitalization, automation, and transformation of the traditional business solutions for asset management.

The fact that the electronic interface that enable the automatic exchange of data between several banks and INVESTAS AG could be set up via SWIFT within a few weeks, highlights the ease and scalability of our solution. It is an exciting horizon to look forward to, not only for Asset Managers, but also for Banks throughout the world. Asset manager and banks can make smart use of existing methods and standards for communication instead of investing in costly proprietary interfaces that require extensive maintenance and may be incompatible with most other parties.

In addition to SWIFT, One PM AG has been able to smoothly exchange data using a number of other communication channels as well. Even though the largest volume of our current customer base runs via SWIFT, we use a hybrid model with parallel SWIFT, EBICS and other communication channels for INVESTAS AG.

One PM has the possibility to connect and incorporate a variety of digital assets including blockchain accounts (e.g. Bitcoin), and to efficiently classify and consolidate these assets.

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