Three questions to the CEO

ONE PM das Startup mit “Schnüzli”

What role does ONE PM play in the open banking discourse?

Dank unserer mehrjährigen Erfahrung wissen wir, dass aus Fintech Perspektive, Daten bekommen einfach sein sollte, aus Sicht der Grossbanken, ist dies jedoch nicht immer so unkompliziert. Wir haben bereits mehr als 50 angeschlossene Banken und einen hohen Automatisierungsgrad, welcher diese Prozesse massiv verschlankt.


Not just a fintech, but a fintech for fintechs, among others. What is this approach about and what role do feeds & data quality play?

Automation also has its pitfalls. We support fintechs with feeds and can offer them the support for the optimization of data quality. The feeds can technically very different, depending on the format and data schemas. From technical perspective, banks model products differently. Financial product, modeling, and naming must be understood and subsequently technically packaged. Thanks to our solution, the fintechs should be able to focus on their their core competencies and not have to set up a second start-up for the datafeed. need to set up a second datafeed start-up.

Fidleg Finig - PM Solution

Finma license for asset managers and family offices: Is it 11.55am or already 1pm?

Now is the time for the final spurt! To meet FINMA’s regulatory requirements, asset managers need digital solutions to perform their daily tasks and responsibilities. The ONE PM platform is simple, intuitive and provides a complete digital solution.

eWeBu – electronic securities accounting

Would you like to take your securities accounting to the next level? Do you not only want to enter the securities purchase as a total amount, but also record all details such as the security price, brokerage fee and stamp duty in a separate financial accounting account?

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