one platform

Scaling your investment process

Our state-of-the-art portfolio management tool. A highly flexible data model that simultaneously fulfills your regulatory requirements. The modular structure allows a customized design of the tool and thus a maximum optimization of your processes: Investment Reporting, Compliance Monitoring, CRM and more.


one platform

ready-to-use portfoliomanagement

Instantly use the most powerful portfolio management features. Drill down into return and contribution analysis. Or analyze the risk metrics and economic risk of your portfolios. No need to configure any settings, just use our predefined setup.


Ready for MIFID II, FIDLEG & Co.: We offer everything you need for compliance with current and future regulations: Risk assessment, investor qualification questionnaires and automatically generated notifications for restriction violations – all on one platform.


Managing different bank connections and various account types takes a lot of time and energy. We are a certified SWIFT partner and take care of your securities accounting, an unlimited number of accounts and the interfaces to your financial institutions.


Full IT infrastructure and segregated, separate data hosting, two-factor authentication at extremely competitive prices. Depending on your needs, you can use Recon light or full service: If you do manual bookings yourself, our data processing engine with Recon light processes everything that goes automatically. With Recon Full Service, on the other hand, our data processing machine does the automatic part and our team of experienced securities accountants do the remaining manual entries for 100% clean transactions.


Financial data can be difficult to read and analyze. We combine an intuitive interface with a variety of tools to go from overview to detail in just a few clicks. ONE PM enables asset managers to stay ahead of the curve.

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why us?

With a broad background in banking, fiduciary, portfolio management, mathematics, user interface and database design, we understand the needs of the financial industry. 
We challenge ourselves daily to find solutions to the complex needs of “open banking for securities transactions” as well as the regulatory challenges of asset management.

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