Release Notes 23-14

Good News @ONE PM: With three new additions to our team, we can now expand our application and interface development even more efficiently. We are therefore very much looking forward to the projects of the coming months.

The following improvements have been made:

Dashboard app

  • Information on portfolios has been added to the “Negative balances” widget in the dashboard app.
  • The “Currency, Composition, Antistress and Rimo Dashboard” widget has been revised in the Dashboard app.
  • In the Dashboard app, the data type format has been adjusted in the export of the “Maturity” widget.
  • In the Dashboard app, the export of the “Group” widget has been revised.

Restrictions app

  • -General revision and improvement of the Restrictions app.

Orders app

  • General revision and improvement of the Orders app.

Portfolios app

  • In the Portfolios app, the Asset Class widget can now be found between the Instrument Category and Currency.

Reports App

  • The “Transaction Cost” report has been added to the consulting fee in the Reports app.

Exports app

  • The fields “Accrued Interest” and “Journal Entries” have been added to the “Treasury Export” report in the Exports app.
  • New report “Current Holdings” and “Accrued Interest” and “Valor FDS”. Currency can now be selected before export. Decimal point extension for the “Export Current Holding” report
eWeBu – electronic securities accounting

Would you like to take your securities accounting to the next level? Do you not only want to enter the securities purchase as a total amount, but also record all details such as the security price, brokerage fee and stamp duty in a separate financial accounting account?

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