Release Notes 23-10

Updates in August 2023

Orders App

  • In the Orders App, the rebalancing table has been extended to include the Ordertype, Limit, Duration and Duration Date fields.
  • In the Orders App the user interface “Update Orders” has been revised. Update Orders can be called after selecting one or more portfolios by selecting Action.
  • For better performance when creating bulk orders in the Orders App, from now on only portfolios that have the position will be loaded by default. There is still an option to add all portfolios to the workspace. To do this, you just need to uncheck the “Show Holdings Only” box. You also have the option to add individual portfolios to the workspace.
  • The workflow of Portfolio Rebalancing in the Orders App has been revised and is now initially based on one portfolio to be selected. This brings the advantages of automatically displaying the positions and also applying the already existing model portfolios like assets.
  • Fix of Bulk Orders, – create Clients Events – entry in the Activities App
  • Revision of the Order process in the Orders App. Only the open orders of the selected portfolio for the selected assets are displayed.
  • Fix of Error Message: the format has been revised.

Admin App

  • In the Admin App, when creating clients, the Relationship Manager User is validated, ensuring that no end clients can be selected.
eWeBu – electronic securities accounting

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