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The benefits for you

Asset managers & family offices

Rebalancing of several portfolios. Management of model portfolios. Automated data processing. FINIG, FIDLEG & MIFID II compliant analyses and reports.

Multinational Companies

Ready-to-use overview of all the company’s bankable assets. Better cash & liability and risk management possible.


Ready-to-use overview of all desired bankable assets across a large number of banks. Basis for the sale of further
reporting products.

Life Insurance (HIGH-END)

Ready-to-use, automated data overview.
Reduced susceptibility to errors and increased
data quality. Risk reduction leads to lower statutory capital requirements.

PMS tool provider

Focus on developing portfolio management tool features (core expertise). Cost reduction through outsourcing of data procurement.

Fiduciary Services

Timely management of commissioned external asset managers. Bank-neutral view. Monitoring to minimise liability risks for the Board of Trustees.

Financial data processing 2.0


Our state-of-the-art portfolio management tool. A highly flexible data model that also fulfils your regulatory requirements.

The modular structure allows a customised design of the tool and thus maximum optimisation of your processes: Investment reporting, compliance monitoring, CRM and more.


Whether open banking or open wealth, we offer a solution: our best-in-class data processing software processes your transactions at lightning speed, up to 98% automated and with the highest quality.

The REST-API controlled access to your booked financial transaction positions (portfolios, positions) also allows you to transfer the data directly to our PMS or to any third-party front-end system of your choice (financial accounting, treasury, tax tool or others).

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«Es gibt aktuell keinen besseren Anbieter in Hinsicht der Umsetzungskompetenz und Klarheit der Struktur.»
Marco Fumasoli
CIO, Fischer Investas AG
«Ich schätze die hohe Fachkompetenz in den Bereichen IT & Wertschriften und die nahe Betreuung der ONE PM dank kurzer Reaktionszeiten sehr.»
Alfred Meier
Managing Director, FDS Financial Data Services AG