Potential and dangers in the cloud

What potential and what dangers do you see in the cloud?

With the cloud you are fast and agile, but above all customer-focused in order to implement new services and features. Everyone understands the cloud differently and a lot of education is needed on the topic of IT security and data ownership.

Doesn't a public cloud infrastructure contradict the requirements for secure data storage in Switzerland?

A large service provider with its thousands of security engineers and well-rehearsed processes can close security gaps within hours of disclosure, where a small provider with a few dozen employees often needs days. In addition, the three largest cloud providers will have data centres in Switzerland by the end of the year, which will guarantee the storage and processing of data in Switzerland. 

Since our customers deal with financial data, the FINMA / FMA stamp of approval is very important for them. All three leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) offer FINMA-compliant services and support software providers with guidelines, checklists and compliance reports. SWIFT also works closely with each of these cloud providers to ensure compliance with its Customer Security Programme (CSP) and is also developing its own cloud-based products to connect to its network.

What specifically would be the biggest challenge for ONE PM?

At ONE PM, customer data is sacred, and the move to a secure, Swiss cloud must be carefully evaluated. This involves a multitude of very different criteria. From physical protection of the data centre to protection against cyber attacks, to name just two examples. In addition to the most important aspect, security, scalability, operating costs, agility with new innovations and reliability also play a crucial role.

Other service providers are already using the cloud, is ONE PM behind the competition? How does ONE PM implement the cloud topic in everyday life?

For non-critical systems/data, migration to the cloud for agile and cost-efficient use of IT services has started or has been going on for some time using cloud services. For customer data, we listen to our customers and don’t want to rush into anything. Our customer data is exclusively located on servers in Switzerland. This is very much appreciated by our customers. We will continue to monitor the market and customer requirements and design our IT infrastructure to be as scalable as possible.