One PM as Supporter Gold at SGVV


With the cooperation as Supporter Gold at Schweizerische Genossenschaft für Vermögensverwalter (SGVV), we are strengthening our position as one of the leading providers of portfolio management systems in Switzerland.

“We are very pleased about the cooperation with SGVV, which the cooperative enters into with only a few companies. For the cooperative members – around 50 companies from the wealth management business – this means that they can now benefit from attractive special offers in connection with One PM’s portfolio management system (One Wealth Platform),” says Fabio Giuri, CEO of One PM.

Focus on the cooperative idea

There are around 40 companies on the market with sophisticated PMS systems. However, a wealth management SME with, for example, two employees and 30 clients often cannot find a suitable solution due to its size and budget restrictions. This is where One PM steps in: The majority of SGVV members are smaller asset management companies – One PM would also like to give them access to professional and affordable software. This is entirely in keeping with the co-operative idea – because small and medium-sized asset management companies should not suffer excessively under the burden of regulations. In Switzerland, around 1500 asset managers and 200 trustees will still have a FINMA licence in the future. They will need a tool for efficient portfolio management and fulfilment of regulatory requirements. As these requirements will tend to increase in the asset management business, it will become increasingly difficult to fulfil them without system support and to keep a sufficient eye on risks using Excel lists and home-made solutions. This is precisely why the One PM software is also exciting for small and medium-sized asset management companies: risk-conscious management is ensured and at the same time the very user-friendly portfolio management system offers appropriate reporting. A solution to the complete satisfaction of asset managers and their clients, which provides a professional overview of their respective assets at all times. And best of all, it all comes at a price that is fair to SMEs.

One PM is delighted to be cooperating with SGVV – please contact us if you have any questions about our PMS tool or are interested in becoming a member of SGVV.