New office: We are moving!

From the lakeside to the city centre: ONE PM AG will be at home at its new Sihlcity location from July 2021. After a long home office period, we are looking forward to our new four walls and personal contacts.

We are moving! Three words that imply so much more. After some very exciting and eventful years in Erlenbach, we are moving to the dynamic city centre of Zurich. In the past few months, many of us have noticed that our own home has taken on a whole new meaning. We used to spend a lot of hours in the office, and more recently on video calls and in the digital world. We now want to bring the advantages of both worlds together and meet more in person again as a team and be there for our clients in a central location.

A good working atmosphere and an appealing working environment not only have a motivating effect on the team, but also have a positive effect on work performance and customer service. A little more life and direct exchange was sorely lacking, and this is now to change again.

From now on, our doors in Sihlcity are open for our customers. Visit ONE PM and learn over a cup of coffee how they can get the best out of their financial data with our company’s products and services. 

eWeBu – electronic securities accounting

Would you like to take your securities accounting to the next level? Do you not only want to enter the securities purchase as a total amount, but also record all details such as the security price, brokerage fee and stamp duty in a separate financial accounting account?

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