Submit to Custodian

Why do I have to submit to Custodian?

Because orders are not automatically submitted after they have been created, they must be later submitted to the corresponding custodian. This lets you make final changes before finalizig the order. However, do not forget to submit your order to the custodian as otherwise the custodian will not be informed about your intentions.

How do I submit to Custodian?

  1. Go to the ‘Orders’ section of ONE PM.
  2. On the order grid set up the filters in such a way that all the orders you want to submit are shown. You will be able to submit all of the shown orders at once.
    Tip: All the orders which belong to the same bulk order, have the same ‘Ticket No’. Therefore, to select all orders from a bulk, set the filter to the corresponding ticket number.
  3. Click on ‘Submit to Custodian’.
    Please note: Submitted and confirmed orders cannot be submitted again.
  4. Select the Custodian you want to submit to. If there is only one available custodian, it will be automatically selected.
  5. Make sure save a copy of the trade order or print it out by clicking on ‘Export to CSV’, ‘Copy to clipboard’ or ‘Print’.
  6. Press ‘Submit’!
  7. Send your copy of the trade order to your custodian.

Currently, ONE PM can only receive information from your custodian, however sending information to your custodian is not yet possible. Therefore, you must manually (email, fax, etc.) ensure your custodian receives the information.

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