Positions Upload

Can I upload my Positions in a bulk?

Yes! If you need to upload many positions at once, it is advised to use the postion upload function. However, for this to work smoothly, your CSV must meet the formatting requirements and has to be set up according to the sample.

How can I upload positions?

  1. Go to the ‘Admin’ section of ONE PM.
  2. Click on ‘Position Upload’ tab.
  3. Upload a CSV.
  4. If you have set up your CSV correctly your data will appear in the upload section. You can now make final changes by editing specific fields. You can also ommit rows from the upload by clicking on the delete icon.
  5. By clicking on ‘Validate’ the application will check your upload. You will receive an error message if your upload contains missing information. This is a good way to spot errors in your upload.
  6. Click on ‘Save’!

How does my CSV have to be set up?

To make sure your CSV contains all the necessary data and is set up correctly, you can download a sample CSV. You can either download this by clicking on ‘Download Sample’ in the top right hand corner in the upload section or by clicking here.

Additionally, make sure your CSV is exported such that it fulfills following conditions. Here you can learn how to change your settings.

  • Comma separation is mandatory (semi-colon not accepted).
  • Decimal numbers must use . (dot) as separator.
  • Date format is ‘yyyy-mm-dd’.

As you can see in the sample, depending on the position type you are uploading, the information ONE PM application needs can vary. In the table below you can find the necessary columns you must add for each position type. Ommited columns are never required.

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