Where can I get an overview over all my events?

The ‘Calendar’ section of ONE PM helps you keep an overview over your meetings and tasks. Here you can search for meetings, add a new event or edit an existing one. The ‘Calendar’ section can be accessed via the navigation tab.

How can I create a new event?

  1. Click on ‘+New event’
  2. A slide in window appears – fill in the information.
  3. Click on ‘Save’!

How can I edit an event?

  1. Click on the event you want to edit.
  2. A slide in appears – click on ‘Edit’.
  3. Edit the information you want to change.
  4. Click on ‘Save’! – if you want to delete the event, click on ‘Delete’ instead.


  • If the widget ‘My Pending Activities’ is active on the Dashboard you can create a new event directly from the Dashboard. If the widget does not appear on the dashboard you can activate it by contacting the customer support of ONE PM.
  • You can print a list of your events by clicking on ‘Print’.
  • You can change the date range by clicking on the date and selecting a new range.
  • You can toggle between ‘List View’ and ‘Calendar View’ by selecting the according icon on the top hand right corner.

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