FINMA is on the mat: Your license?

Don't oversleep and secure solid onboarding by the end of the year

Have you missed it, or have you been thinking about it for some time and can’t make up your mind? By the end of 2022, all asset managers must have redeemed their Finma licence. The reasons why you do not yet have a portfolio management solution can be different. Now there is no need to find another excuse, but here are 3 good reasons why you should consider it right now:

Overview & transparency

With a PMS tool, you not only comply with regulatory requirements, but you can, among other things, pull descriptive reports or visualise dashboards with just a few clicks. In addition to the information obligations, customer segmentation, appropriateness and suitability checks are imposed on you and you must guarantee best execution to your customers. Your clients now have the right to document and disclose the information collected and can demand accountability for the services provided.

Segmentation & Allocation

The challenges of implementing Fidleg start with customer segmentation. Allocating clients into the three legal client categories can be complex. Correct identification of customers is the key gateway in Fidleg and determines the level of investor protection. A CRM system tailored to this could support you in entering the most important and required information and always point out any missing information.

Everyday life & automation

New challenges bring new approaches and these in turn should make your everyday life easier. Think carefully about which solution is right for you, because this is the only way to keep your focus on your customers in the future and technology will make your daily routine easier. Above all, make sure that the solution you are promised is intuitive and simple, because this is the only way to ensure smooth and timely onboarding.

eWeBu – electronic securities accounting

Would you like to take your securities accounting to the next level? Do you not only want to enter the securities purchase as a total amount, but also record all details such as the security price, brokerage fee and stamp duty in a separate financial accounting account?

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