Expansion of the management at ONE PM AG

Tino Kesseli brings great experience in financial technology: Working with him at Zurich-based fintech ONE PM AG combines existing IT knowledge with extensive expertise in the financial services industry. Kesseli knows the requirements of financial service providers inside out – from a business as well as a technical perspective.  Together with ONE PM CEO Fabio Giuri, the strategic and technological development of ONE PM AG can thus be further expanded. 

Tino Kesseli has been heading the IT department at CSL Corporate Services Est. since its foundation more than 11 years ago. He currently leads 24 employees and will bring his experience to ONE PM AG. He will continue to perform his current duties as Head IT and GL member at CSL. In his dual function, Kesseli will bring the two First Advisory companies, CSL and ONE PM AG, even closer together and thus strengthen IT cooperation within the group for the benefit of common target customers. Since the two companies complement each other with their products, customers in particular will also benefit from the cooperation.

“We are very pleased to be working with Tino Kesseli. In order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market environment in the future, it is essential to continue automating processes around financial data processing and to expand our software offerings for asset managers, family offices, trustees and accountants. Our digital service offering for financial service providers will continue to be perfected in the future. When we share resources, we do so even more efficiently and innovatively,” says a pleased ONE PM CEO Fabio Giuri. With two additional new additions in the area of software development, ONE PM continues to strongly intensify its product development.

Tino Kesseli, Head IT /GL member CSL and GL member ONE PM AG

 ONE PM AG – The company portrait

ONE PM AG was founded in 2015 and today employs 16 people in Sihlcity Zurich. ONE PM offers a holistic cloud-based, API-driven financial service with comprehensive asset and portfolio management solutions, driven by an “Open API”. These provide consolidated and reconciled accounting information across any number of banks. ONE PM promotes open banking and enables data-driven, transparent and intuitive asset management. ONE PM offers elegant, scalable and state-of-the-art solutions that connect wealth managers and financial service providers with clients’ bankable assets – delivered via cloud-based SaaS: ONE Platform (PMS/CRM) and ONE Data (API).

ONE Platform (PMS/CRM)

Our state-of-the-art portfolio management tool. A highly flexible data model that simultaneously fulfills all regulatory requirements. The modular structure allows a tailor-made design of the tool and thus a maximum optimization of all processes: Reports, monitoring of restrictions, reporting, rebalancing, orders and much more.

In addition to information obligations, customer segmentation, appropriateness and suitability checks are imposed on our customers. In turn, they must guarantee best execution to their customers. Customers are given the right to document and disclose the information collected and can demand accountability for services rendered. To meet these challenges efficiently and effectively, we offer our ONE PM solution.

ONE Data (API, reconciliation and financial accounting exports).

Everyone talks about Open Banking, we act: Our best-in-class data processing software processes transactions at lightning speed, up to 98% automated and at the highest quality. REST API driven access to posted financial transactions and positions (portfolios, positions, transactions) also allows data to be sent directly to our PMS or any third-party front-end system of choice (financial accounting, treasury, tax tool or more).

CSL Corporate Services Establishment

CSL Corporate Services Establishment was founded in 2012 as a provider of digitalization solutions for financial service providers. FinanceOne as an ERP/CRM system has a leading role in the regulatory environment. The proximity to the parent company First Advisory Group ensures that new regulatory requirements are also implemented in a timely and practical manner. The range of services is extended by products in digital archiving, digital signature and in the business process management environment. CSL Private Cloud also offers solutions in the infrastructure environment.

Press Contact

Fabio Giuri

Sihlcity Büttenweg 16
Haus Tau 2. OG
8045 Zurich

+41 44 542 34 80

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