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With a broad background in banking, fiduciary, portfolio management, mathematics, user interface and database design, we understand the needs of the financial industry.
Every day, we rise to the challenge of finding solutions to the complex needs of “open banking for securities transactions” as well as the regulatory challenges in wealth management.

one pm team


Some of us keep chocolate in the fridge, others do not. This can sometimes lead to fundamental discussions. With our teamwork and concentrated know-how together with our existing experience, we always come together. Every day, we tread new paths and thus perform technological pioneering work.



With a lot of experience and an excellent team, our developers are the heart of the company.



Thanks to the daily work and care of the data and processes, as well as the relationships with our customers, we create a unique experience.



The diverse background arouses curiosity and discussions so that we can grow steadily and develop sustainably.



We find solutions to the complex needs of open banking for securities. Every day we break new ground and thus perform technological pioneering work. We are convinced that technology makes the difference.

data processing

98% automatic

The standardisation, aggregation and posting of data is carried out by us with “real” data processing software (i.e. technologically supported), which automatically processes up to 98% of the data with the help of artificial intelligence, rule sets and pattern recognition. This allows us to process high volumes with few staff, which is ultimately reflected in a competitive price and maximum scalable solutions for you.



ONE PM AG also has its own portfolio management tool and, with data processing, offers the entire value chain from a single source, if desired.

ONE PM history

more about one pm

After the year 2021 brought some structural changes for One PM, relevant successes were again recorded on the market in 2022. We significantly increased the company’s turnover and expanded our customer base in the asset management and family office sectors, as well as in the fiduciary and investment controlling segments. On the technical side, new features were introduced for the Portfolio Management System (Proposal App, Bulk Report, Bulk Order & Rebalancing, Reporting App, etc.).

In addition, the basis was created for new products for securities and financial accounting customers, which will be launched on the market in 2023. Various new bank interfaces were connected to the One PM system – and many more are in the pipeline for 2023. From a sales perspective, things also progressed: good discussions were initiated with renowned financial market participants, so that we can look forward to an exciting 2023.

However, we are most pleased to have consolidated and further developed the cooperation with our partners – this also strengthens our positioning as a leading financial data provider with unique top data quality on the market. One PM will continue to grow on all levels in 2023 – we are committed to this every day.

A year with a lot of movement: focus on digitization and a rapidly growing team. Thanks to the website relaunch, one of the foundations for the upcoming changes will be laid this year. ONE PM moves into the middle of the city of Zurich, in a dynamic environment, right in the middle of the action and relies on a professional, experienced team with familiar faces from the industry.

Since April 2020, CSL Corporate Services Est. shareholder & strategic partner of ONE PM AG and supports it in its further professionalisation. ONE PM will continue to exist as a company.
There were also major changes in personnel in the second half of the year. With a new CEO, Reto Casutt, a new secretary to the Board of Directors, Fabio Giuri, and several new developers, the team has been significantly strengthened and the organisational and operational structure optimised. In order to further increase the focus on the core business, the shared service tasks were outsourced (accounting, HR, etc.). Off we go to the next level.

In addition to the platform products ONE PM go! and ONE wealth, ONE PM launches the pure data delivery product ONE API and enters into a strategic partnership with CSL Corporate Services Est. on this basis, part of the First Advisory Group in Liechtenstein. After SWIFT certification, ONE PM also receives the label “swiss made software + hosted in switzerland” and is selected for the “Microsoft for startups” programme. In addition to software development, the number of staff in operations and marketing is also increased. ONE PM is also increasingly involved as an opinion leader in the area of “open banking for securities”. The industry is on the move and we are helping to shape it!

Corporate development is a central theme and a new CEO (Christian Egli) joins. ONE PM continues its growth with the addition of new customers, with the ambitious goal of doubling annual turnover. On the development side, more features are created in the frontend and processes and mechanisms in the backend processing are improved, taking ONE PM to the next level of scalability. The successful completion of a comprehensive audit by SWIFT and Deloitte demonstrates the robustness of the technical infrastructure and governance processes.

In addition to the development of further functionalities, such as the Billing & Query modules, ONE PM is able to win more clients. The customer base now consists of various independent asset managers (IAM) as well as single family offices (FO) based in Switzerland and around the world. In addition, the first pilot projects are being launched with renowned financial institutions that are more interested in pure connectivity services than in the full investment management platform.

ONE PM launches its web-based application and becomes SWIFT’s first certified partner for portfolio management solutions worldwide. With the successful onboarding of its first customers, ONE PM lays the foundation for its growth. ONE PM hires key experts and already employs 10 people by the end of 2016.

ONE PM AG is founded as a spin-off of an independent asset management company by Andreas Ahlm, Tobias Widmer and Pascal Vaucher to serve the industry with a fully integrated platform. At this point, the asset management company is already using the core of the ONE PM software and has fully functional communication with more than 10 banks via SWIFT.