A successful first half year! Our CEO looks back and forward with pleasure.

Fabio, we are all enjoying the summer right now and so the first half of 2022 is already over. How did the first 6 months at OnePM go?

In the first two quarters we were able to celebrate successes in many ways. On the one hand, we were able to acquire several new customers (asset managers, FO) who are currently putting our portfolio management software into operation. On the other hand, we were able to make progress with our new product ONE Data and identify new, attractive target groups for the product in cooperation with a leading PR consulting company.

What were the highlights in terms of new customers and partnerships?

After we had mainly taken an inward-looking view of our company in 2021 and dealt with setting ourselves up optimally for the future, we were able to become more active on the market again in the first half of 2022 and, among other things, win 3 major new customers. This was definitely a highlight for the whole team. It was also very pleasing to note that our existing customers intensified their cooperation and entrusted us with various orders. In addition to our customers, the discussions with potential partners have also given us a lot of impetus to continue on our path.

You don't win new customers just like that. Did you launch new exciting products or simply invest more in marketing?

Both. We were able to launch the ONE Data product, as mentioned earlier, and various discussions are ongoing with interested parties from the insurance, tech as well as banking industries. Thanks to the new and existing customers, our ONE Wealth platform was also further developed and expanded with exciting features such as Bulk Orders, Bulk Reports, Proposal App, Billing functions as well as Fidleg/Mifid/ESG relevant components. Furthermore, based on the findings from the target group analysis, we have also realigned our communication & PR strategy. First successes result in increased customer demand and rising follower numbers on LinkedIn. Since the beginning of the year, our followers have increased by 26%.

What can we expect from OnePM in the second half of the year?

In the second half of the year, we will be busy with the onboarding of new customers. With the requirements of the new customers, our portfolio management application will also be further developed. Our financial data processing software (core component) is also currently undergoing a significant upgrade thanks to a collaboration with a customer and two associated major projects. As far as bank interfaces are concerned, about 20 new banks will be added to our existing 50 over the next 12 months. With the many orders, new employees will also be needed. We are currently looking at various options to expand the developer team to meet the needs of the growing customer base in a timely manner. Of course, customer acquisition and the search for investors remain a constant topic. It is very important for us to fill the pipeline for 2023 properly now in order to maintain the upward trend next year.

What issues will take OnePM to the next level?

What takes us to the next level are our talented employees, who do an outstanding job every day. Thematically, we are working on the technological further development of our core software components as well as our IT architecture. The goal is to further advance the scalability of our products and to gradually become the leading financial data provider in Europe. To achieve this long-term goal, we are actively seeking additional talent, distribution partners and investors. Furthermore, our customers can look forward to a new software product in 2023, which is currently being developed with two partners. So you can be curious about what is still to come.

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